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In 1976, when PDQ Printing first opened, we were a basic quick printer putting black ink on white paper. Our customers needed copies; we made copies. Our customers needed quality; we provided quality. Our customers needed a job finished by the next day; we had it done the next day. Our customers returned time after time.

Over the years, our customers' needs grew. PDQ Printing worked to meet those needs, and also to anticipate future needs by continually updating production methods and equipment with the latest technology. Our goal has always been - and will remain to be - providing our customers with the best possible services and quality in the least amount of time, for the most economical price. Perhaps that's why PDQ Printing is Northern California's largest quick printer.

We may still put black ink on white paper, but the scope of services we offer today has expanded to meet not only the needs you've requested. but to also offer innovative solutions for today's business environment.

Lacey Berg now runs PDQ, headquartered in downtown Martinez. Her grandfather founded the family business and handed it down to her mother, Diane Berg, who passed it down to Lacey.

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