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When it comes to business communications services, we've got it covered. We can provide virtually any product or service imaginable to communicate with your clients, employees, stockholders, or vendors.

We're experts at corporate identity pieces. But that's only the beginning. To learn more about the many products and services we offer, please contact one of our representatives.


  • Business Systems Management-
    No business can run smoothly without forms. The trick is not letting forms overwhelm the business. Wouldn't it be great if your forms could be organized and tracked to generate reports that tally and catalog usage for inventory and chargeback purposes? Our forms management services can do just that and more. We have the capability and personnel to keep your forms in line and in print.

    It can make a lot of sense to use PDQ's account management system. Because when we dedicate an account manager to monitor and forecast your copying, printing, and communication needs, you'll be able to stay on top of your projects instead of under them. Your PDQ Printing account manager has the solution for retaining the advantages, but eliminating the problems of your office services such as printing, copying, bindery and mailing - on site or off-site. While you retain convenience and flexibility - productivity, quality and safety can be improved and costs reduced. And with our exclusive software and computerized reports, the actual costs of these services can also be accurately tracked and tied into your present accounting chargeback system - giving you a bottom line that isn't fuzzy, it's exact.

    Let PDQ Printing make sure your business card reflects your professional image. We can reprint your cards or help you design a new look with our wide selection of typestyles, graphics, papers, flat or raised inks and standard, two-sided, or fold-over formats. Discounted pricing for large volume orders and preprinted blanks is also available

    Now you have business cards that won't get misplaced or forgotten. Just peel off the backing and they'll stay where you put them. Use them on presentations, products, equipment, and literature to remind your customers of your products and services easily and economically. Or use our Rolodex business cards to make sure your card is handy for clients. They're available in flat and raised inks and in many ink colors and paper styles.

    PDQ Printing can give your stationary that professional edge, whether you want to match your present letterhead and stationary or create something new, we offer a wide range of appealing ink colors, raised ink for that extra special touch, and a high quality selection of paper and matching envelopes in many colors, textures and weights, from economical to deluxe.

    PDQ Printing offers fast delivery on all envelope sizes and quantities, plain and printed. Ask about our "Always on Time" envelope printing system that can reduce your envelope costs and save storage space.

    Single and multiple part forms, carbonless and continuous computer forms can be designed or redesigned, printed, perforated, padded and numbered quickly and economically at PDQ Printing. Our selection of paper colors allows you to assign different colors to help in coding, filing and routing your forms. We can also match the order of any form you currently use.

    Take advantage of the most cost-effective means to provide information, build recognition and market your company-newsletters. PDQ Printing can design a layout, add graphics, typeset your copy, print in any quantity, fold and deliver it to you and even maintain your mailing list.

    Whether your manual or presentation is large or small, PDQ Printing can print whatever quantity you need, on any color of paper, add custom divider tabs, bind with mylar reinforced holes to match your ring binders and guarantee the delivery time.

    Locate information more easily in your next binder or manual with customized divider tabs. Select from a range of colors and inks, and we'll add your choice of copy to each tab. All custom tabs are produced at our facilities to ensure high quality and quick turnaround.

    Extend an invitation, make an announcement, or express a "thank you" quickly and simply by sending a customized invitation or announcement. PDQ Printing offers a quality selection of card stocks, inks and typestyles. And also consider our raised-letter printing that imparts the look and feel of engraving, without the cost.

    Let PDQ Printing help your stimulate ticket sales with attention-getting tickets for your next event. Choose from exciting colors and paper stocks. Your tickets can also be numbered and perforated.

    For that first resume or a resume revision, PDQ Printing can help you select all the elements needed for the correct professional impact. We can put together a complete resume package, all just for you.

    Coordinate your menu with your dining atmosphere easily by using our selection of papers, inks, typestyles and graphics. PDQ Printing can also laminate your menus to keep them clean and fresh for your next guest.

    For your next presentation, let PDQ Printing help you look your professional best by preparing color transparencies.

  • Copying-
    Our high speed equipment can get the job done quickly and easily when you need several different pages copied in varying amounts, or entire manuals, reports and handbooks copied on one or both sides. YOur documents can also be automatically collated and finished. For better oranization, use our customized divider tabs and our variety of color papers.

    Save on paper and mailing costs by having your copy printed on both sides.

    When you need a black line copy from a blueprint original or enlarged copies of charts and diagrams for proposals and presentations, we can make copies on paper, mylar, or vellum up to 36" wide and for any length.

    Raised letter (or thermography) printing adds that extra, professional spark and the look of engraving to letterheads, envelopes, business cards and invitations.

  • Finishing-
    Save time by using our high speed equipment to collate your multi-page documents

    Your printed or copied materials can be trimmed to any size quickly and precisely with our automated cutting equipment.

    We can fold any quantity and any type of printed sheet to fit any size envelope. We can also "score" heavy stock with an indented guideline to make folding easy, more accurate, and to prevent cracking.

    Whatever your application, PDQ Printing has a binding to meet your objective: Velo, Spiral, or Perfect bindings. PDQ Printing can also shrink wrap your documents, or apply adhesive for padded business forms, memos and notes.

    Want to put your documents into binders or booklet form? PDQ Printing's high speed drilling equipment can drill holes in documents to fit any type of ring binder or cover. We can also collate, fold, saddle-stitch and trim booklets to various sizes. Or, we can staple your collated sets in the corner, the middle, or on the side.

    Make in easier for your customers and employees to remove a portion of your tickets, coupons, reply mail and business forms. PDQ Printing can perforate any document in a straight, horizontal, or vertical line. And PDQ Printing provides die-cutting for Rolodex cards, door hangers, business card holders and more.

    From instruction cards and price sheets to I.D. cards, PDQ Printing can protect any document with a clear film laminate - in a variety of thicknesses - to keep your materials clean and durable.

    Keep track of your forms couldn't be easier with PDQ Printing's consecutive numbering service. It works great for multi-part forms, tickets and certificates.

  • Imagesetting & Graphics-
    With our full service Imagesetting & Graphics Department, any project can be designed more quickly, easily, professionally and economically than ever before. Using our wide variety of typestyles and graphics, our trained experts can create or typeset forms, letterheads, brochures, newsletters, graphics, menus, and more. And we can work from your rough layout, your typed copy, or your Macintosh or PC data.

    When you need quick and professional camera work for positives, reversals, screens or halftones, transparencies, and multiple exposures, call PDQ Printing. Our state-of-the-art graphic camera has enlargement/reduction capabilities that is operated by trained professionals to give you PMT's, stats, prints, and halftones.

    Whether it's your idea or layout or our standard and custom designs, PDQ Printing can professionally prepare your piece for printing, submit it for your approval, print it, and guarantee the delivery time.

    Make your documents and promotional pieces come alive with our regularly updated collection of professional computer graphics. Use our high quality, ready-to-use artwork, or select from pages of clip art for every purpose. All can be enlarged or reduced.

    Whether you're using a Macintosh or PC, PDQ has the software to convert and prepare your files for professional layout, electronic typesetting or Linotronic output.

  • Mailing Services-
    Want to get your mail moving faster for the least possible money? PDQ Printing's trained personnel knows all about Postal Service discounts and regulations for first class, for business reply and for bulk mail. Postal rates may go up, but PDQ Printing can show you ways to bring them back down with our US Postal Service certified computer software. You can be assured of paying the lowest possible rate.

    Get your mailing list maintained and update quickly and professionally by giving it to PDQ Printing. We can also generate computer labels with addresses and affix them to your envelopes.

    Direct mail is the most effective way to get to your targeted audience and command their attention for several moments. PDQ Printing can develop a promotional mailing piece directed at your customers. We can also pit together lists of potential customers by demographics, occupation, income, age group and much more.

    It is 95% less expensive to market to your current customers than to develop new ones. The customers have done business with you before and need to be informed of future sales and services. PDQ Printing can retrieve this data from your computer or input your data from receipts, checks or other sources.

  • Printing-
    Add one or several ink colors to attract a reader's attention or strengthen your image. Choose from our standard ink colors or from over 500 custom colors

    For one-sided printing or copying, our economical 20# paper is a popular choice. It's available in a wide range of fresh colors with matching envelopes.

    If you need a more durable paper with high printing performance for two-sided printing, our medium weight paper's high opacity get's the job done beautifully. And it's available in colors to match our regular and heavy weight papers.

    For covers, folders, direct mailers, reply cards and posters, our heavier papers more than meet the challenge, and are available in your favorite colors. This functionable and durable stock also meets postal requirements for business reply mail.

    Even if environmental concerns were unnecessary, we'd still put these papers at the top of our list. The subtle texture and soft shades of our recycled papers lend a unique aesthetic quality to any document. Recycled papers perform especially well for stationary, business cards, brochures and newsletters.

    Added to PDQ's complete line of professional papers are specialty papers for special purposes: Attention-getting fluorescent astrobright papers; glossy papers in enamel or high gloss that are ideal for printing photos, screens and artwork; high quality index card stocks, and adhesive papers such as Davac, and Crack 'n' Peel. And all are available in your choice of color, weight and size.

    Whether you need envelopes for business mail, remittance and statements, invitations and announcements, catalogs and booklets, or envelopes with or without windows, PDQ Printing has the right envelope for the job.


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